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Welcome to Casale della Falcognana

Casale della Falcognana di Sopra is situated 14 Km south east of Rome, between the Alban Hills and the Tyrrhenian Sea, in a privileged position for anybody who wishes to avoid the chaotic traffic of Rome. Large open spaces and a luxuriant park surround the property.

Guests can enjoy a swimming pool overlooking the splendid countryside. Inside the property, a large car park is available too.

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History of our home vacation in Italy near Rome

Casale di Falcognana is named after an old residence near Rome, in central Italy: Casale Falconis, a Cardinal Falco’s property.

Casale di Falcognana, as you can see it today, has been built over an 18th century mansion, but its origins date back to the Roman age, when underneath the courtyard near Rome there was a large water reservoir, with the brick work laid out in "opus reticulatum", still visible today.

Literature on Roman agricultural estates shows that in 1392 the estate was owned by the Santa Maria Nuova Friars. Pope Bonifacio VIII allowed the Friars to sell the property of the present vacation home for rent, which was owned in turn by Prince Odoardo Colonna (1432), by the Cenci family (1504) and by Prince Boncompagni (up to 1903).

Since 1903 it has been in the property of Lanza family. During World War II the estate of what is today one of the most beautiful vacation homes to rent was occupied by the German army headquarters, opposing the Allied Forces advance from Anzio to Rome.

Today, Casale della Falcognana di Sopra has been brought back to life thanks to the passion of its owners, who turned the ancient 18th century property into one of the most welcoming vacation homes in the surroundings of Rome. All the three apartments are located in the most ancient part of the property.